Social events



18:00 – 21:00
Utopia Café Milos


Gala Dinner

19:00 – onward
Navagio Restaurant


Boat Trip

09:00 – 18:30

With a beautiful wooden boat, a “kaiki” as we call it in Greek, this is the best tour to go to Kleftiko. We will embark at the bay of Agios Sostis, on the south side of the Island. We will also have another beautiful beach on the itinerary, Gerontas. There is an area to sit inside, if you can’t take the heat too much, but the deck is also covered with a nice tent.
We will get a good lot of time at the two bays, where we can dive and swim around the caves and rocks. The two bays are just magical!
We will get a very informed tour guide, who fills us in with all the details. And then there is a dinghy that will take us further along the coast with the very friendly crew–you get to see where the pirate ships tied and took cover!
Finally, they serve nice little “mezedes” and grappa–but also iced tea and coffee. But this is not a full meal—we will have the full meal later on!